VUZA Media was founded in 2015 by TJ Casey. Shortly after, he met Billy Bjork at a snowboard shoot and the two have been collaborating ever since.  What started as two guys striving to capture the essence and spirit of a beautiful sport, has grown into much more. Now TJ and Billy works alongside several other devoted videographers who are dedicated to capturing and creating videos from all walks of life. We, at VUZA, have found a passion for immersing ourselves in the unique cultures of each client, pursuing the best ways to represent them to the world. We work cohesively with all different types of people and organizations. Whether you are looking for a promotional video for your company or event, a unique and fun wedding video, or simply a way to document a personal occasion... no project is too big or small for VUZA Media.





The action sports community has always been a second home for me and capturing the creativity and of these athletes has become my mission. I live for being on the hill with a crew of determined riders painting on the mountains. For me, film is about finding people of passion and capturing that passion for others to see. I am stoked to meet new people and help bring their vision to life. 



My captivation with the lens began in a small snowboard park in Minnesota, filming my buddies and their tricks in the terrain park. The satisfaction I found in shooting and showcasing the action quickly eclipsed my excitement for the sport itself. Since then I’ve migrated to Los Angeles—now pursuing a formal education in new media storytelling at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. I bring a unique value to teams by asking the right questions with a focus on cultivating fresh ideas. I thrive in projects where unique styles, cultures and energies can cross-pollinate. My goal is to stimulate curiosities and reflections in my audience - leaving enduring impressions that cut through today’s digital chatter.



I'm a photographer and filmmaker who utilizes a theory-based film degree from the University of Minnesota and an evolving technical prowess to produce work that doesn't simply tell a story but explores more abstract facets of human experiences and conditions. I ultimately want my work to help others understand things about themselves or the world around them. Show, don't just tell.


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I bring a diverse set of knowledge and capabilities to the field; staying current with the latest technological advancement, ATS Media offers a myriad of tools for aerial and ground cinematography, as well as your multimedia production needs.

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 I have been following my brother's videography career since day one and his work has never ceased to amaze me. I have seen his projects evolve through the years and know that he, along with his team, have a rare and special talent of capturing and presenting the moments that mean the most. I am honored to have the privilege of working with clients in an administrative role to help answer any questions and concerns throughout the entire process!